How it works

The Azure Certified Device program makes the IoT solution building process simpler and more efficient through our three key promises:

Discover high-quality products
that meet industry standards across a diversity of technical capabilities.

Select compatible IoT products
that are guaranteed to work seamlessly together on Azure.

Decrease time to deployment
by quickly selecting the right products for your business needs.

Our Certifications

Our different badges highlight top performing products across a series of technical compatibilities, promoting key customer focuses such as IoT Hub, IoT Edge, and security.

Azure Certified Device
Validates a device can connect with Azure IoT Hub and securely provision through the Device Provisioning Service (DPS). This IoT validation reflects a device's baseline functionality and interoperability.
IoT Plug and Play
Validates devices for Digital Twin Definition Language version 2 (DTDL) and related interactions based on your device model. It enables a seamless device-to-cloud integration experience and helps hardware partners build devices require custom code.
Edge Managed
Focuses on device management standards for Azure connected devices. Validates Edge Runtime compatibility for module deployment and management.
Edge Secured-core
Highlights IoT devices running a full operating system such as Linux or Windows 10 IoT. Validates that devices meet additional security requirements around device identity, secure boot, operating system hardening, device updates, data protection, and vulnerability disclosures.
Also Included:
Azure accessory devices
A selection of companion devices that work in tandem with other certified devices (including LoRaWAN sensors, NB-IoT products, etc.)

Partner Solutions

Our catalog also displays combination of Azure Certified hardware, software, and Azure services to solve a business need. View real in-market IoT solutions by Microsoft partners using our Azure Certified Devices. These solution make IoT easier than ever. Contact partners to implement their solution or use them as inspiration for your own.
Industrial machine management
Industrial machine management
By CloudRail

CloudRail is an IoT Plug and Play solution that acquires data from industrial assets, preprocesses it locally, and sends it to Microsoft Azure in a matter of hours as opposed to days or even weeks. CloudRail works with new assets and environments via OPC-UA as well as with older machines by retrofitting with secondary sensors. Enterprise customers can also securely rollout, manage, and update thousands of globally distributed edge devices from a single location. The CloudRail solution supports over 12,000 sensors so whatever the business case, whether it is Predictive Maintenance, Conditional Monitoring, or Asset Counting, etc. CloudRail can support the solution. Let CloudRail help you begin your smart manufacturing journey or digital transformation today.
Refrigeration temperature monitoring
By Sodexo

IoT by Sodexo is a full-service solution that includes hardware, software, and monitoring to make food and facility services more efficient. Using sensors to measure and automate everyday assets, you can make your operations smarter and more effective: Automate routine tasks Prevent downtime Optimize labor Reduce waste Improve experience IoT remote monitoring temperature devices track the temperature in food storage equipment to notify the site team if temperature varies outside of acceptable limits. This tracking and notification reduce labor demand to take equipment temperature logs twice a day, increases temperature reading reliability, and reduces the risk of product loss.
Refrigeration temperature monitoring
Equipment condition monitoring
Equipment condition monitoring

The Equipment Condition Monitoring Solution integrates both hardware devices and software services to provide users a quick and easy deployment solution. Including not only a total solution, but also a maintenance/customization service, it provides you a perfectly fitting solution for timely monitoring and distribution of equipment.

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